The rental of logistic assets is increasing

The rental of logistics equipment is on the rise. An important reason for this is the limited availability of logistic supplies such as roll containers, pallets and plastic containers. Many raw materials and end products are scarce. It will not surprise you that COVID-19 plays a role in this. However, the transition to faster availability of resources and increasing rental thereof has been going on for years. However, rapid availability is not the only advantage of renting logistics resources. Cost and space savings, as well as other benefits, can make your operations more efficient and more stress-resistant in times of surplus or shortage.

Roll containers, pallets and plastic containers are always available

With the rental of logistic resources such as roll containers, you can tackle an availability problem at short notice, which can lead to a logistical disaster. We see that many of our clients want to scale up their logistic resources at very short notice, for example around the holidays or due to seasonal peaks. The service of Rotomrent is aimed at solving this type of logistic problem in the short term. We will talk to you to determine your logistic needs, offer advice and quickly come up with a suitable solution with a focus on the rapid deployment of logistic resources. Read here how we have helped sectors such as retail, agriculture and supermarkets with logistics resources in the right way.

Need logistical resources quickly to tackle problems? Hire them for maximum cost-efficiency and quickest way to solve your problems.

Hire roll cages for maximum cost-efficiency

The rental of roll containers, as well as other logistic equipment such as plastic containers, has often led to a reduction in the cost of logistic equipment for distributors. You can save the costs of purchasing, maintaining and storing unused roll containers at off-peak times when you rent. You agree on a single price with Rotomrent for which you rent for a certain period, a certain quantity of roll containers, pallets or plastic containers. Clear, understandable and simple, that’s how we like to work at Rotomrent.

Do you need more products than you thought? We are happy to be flexible and to scale up or down along with you. Together we will review the best options and provide you with extra roll containers, stacking racks or plastic boxes with the highest priority so that you can tackle your challenge immediately. Our method has already convinced many partners of the power of rental, and we are convinced that cost-efficiency can be an important factor for you, too.

Need to hire logistical resources quickly to tackle problems?

In a dynamic market situation, it can be difficult to obtain logistical resources such as roll containers in time. At times of overproduction, you need storage resources to store your surpluses. Ready for a season when you can sell your stock. Stacking racks are the perfect, modular solution for storing your surpluses. Stacking racks are quick to break down, stackable (i.e. compact) and strong enough to carry heavier loads. As soon as the demand for your products increases, you want to get your products out of the warehouse as quickly as possible. In such a situation, roll cages are often the most efficient solution for retailers and shopkeepers to get (smaller) goods from the distribution centre to a sales location as quickly as possible. Through these easily scalable solutions, we at Rotomrent have been able to successfully assist many clients during stressful periods.


If you have found the right products, click on add and you can proceed to the quotation form. Once you have entered your details, preferred rental dates and sent the request, we will immediately get to work and provide you with a suitable solution within a maximum of 48 hours. You can also e-mail us directly at Would you like to reach us by phone? We are happy to assist you at +44 (0)1777 322 100.

Con mucho gusto les presentamos nuestra nueva página web – Escuchando sus necesidades, hemos creado un servicio a través del cual dispone de productos logísticos de alquiler de forma rápida y sencilla. Gracias a una especial oferta de productos de logística para la venta, Vd. reducirá sus costes en el proceso logístico – en particular en un período de aumento de la producción y aumento de ventas. Para hacerlo más fácil para encontrar rápidamente el producto adecuado, hemos dividido nuestra oferta en productos y sectores, y las elaboradas descripciones le ayudarán a encontrar el producto adecuado.

Gracias al moderno diseño gráfico y la intuitiva navegación, el procedimiento para la recepción de solicitudes de propuestas es extremadamente simple y eficaz. ¿Cómo hacerlo? Es muy fácil: Encuentre el producto que desea, añádalo a la consulta, introduzca la cantidad que desea alquilar, rellene un sencillo formulario y enviar la solicitud. Todas las consultas tienen respuesta inmediata – ¡Máximo 48 horas!

Rotomrent es parte de la plataforma web del grupo ROTOM, presente en 8 países de Europa – Austria, Bélgica, Francia, Holanda, Alemania, Polonia, Portugal y España. ¡Le invitamos a enviar consultas y a ponerse en contacto con nosotros!

The Importance of Rental Is Being Realised

The importance of renting logistics products is being highlighted under the current circumstances and many companies are now seeing the benefits from not having to purchase large numbers of products to help with the increased work load.

We are proud to be able to support the NHS in their fight to combat the Coronavirus by offereing our rental services which ensures the best pricing and delivery of the products they require to be abe to work to the best of their ability. By supplying our Roll Containers quickly, we hope to have helped relieve the pressure on the staff and all involved so that they can concentrate on getting people healthy.

Given the changing circumstances in the country, you need to be prepared for different scenarios in terms of increased or decreased demand for different products. With rental, when you need more products you can have them or with a decrease in business you can send any unwanted units back to us and save on the costs of those products. Not wasted units sat around doing nothing.

Los productos de alquiler de Rotom se están volviendo cada vez más populares en muchas industrias. Nuestros productos logísticos especialmente seleccionados, como roll containers o carros logísticos de almacenamiento, se adaptan con éxito a cada cadena de suministro.

Especialmente en estos días, cuando todo el mundo está luchando contra el coronavirus pandémico, el comercio electrónico y las industrias de la salud están luchando con el problema de un aumento repentino en la demanda de medios logísticos, lo que lleva a aumentar sus suministros. Un alquiler que es flexible, rápido y confiable viene con ayuda.

El cuidado de la salud

En los Países Bajos, varias grandes empresas operan como mayoristas que suministran medicamentos y otros suministros médicos a la rama de atención médica. Actualmente, la industria médica tiene una demanda máxima de roll containers y otros productos logísticos.

Gracias a la cooperación con Rotom como socio en materia de alquiler, esta empresa puede satisfacer plenamente las necesidades de su sector, ya que les hemos suministrado carros logísticos de acuerdo con los detalles de la industria.


La segunda industria exitosa, que se está desarrollando eficientemente es el comercio electrónico. Rotom realiza pedidos de alquiler para el mayor minorista holandés en este sector económico. La compañía implementa un proceso interno de preparación de pedidos utilizando carros especiales de almacén, pero gracias a los roll containers, es posible enviar rápidamente los productos necesarios a las compañías postales. Durante los períodos de mayor tráfico en la cadena de suministro, esta industria específica a menudo utiliza los recursos gigantes carros logísticos para alquilar desde Rotom.

Rotom se encuentra en constante desarrollo en términos de ventas y mantenimiento de roll containers. Durante los períodos de mayores ventas, la industria del comercio electrónico desea alquilar estos y muchos otros productos.

Si desea saber cómo su sector económico puede beneficiarse del alquiler de productos logísticos, lea aquí.